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Some homes are just made for entertaining. If you love the idea of having guests join you in your space for an evening of food, drinks, games or other activities, you really need to choose a house that has amenities for exactly that. Otherwise, your guests may feel cramped or uncomfortable, which will put a real damper on your entertaining. Here are five features that you should be looking for in a party-ready home:

The Perfect Entryway

The entryway is the first thing your guests will see in your new house. An entryway that is made for entertaining will be open and inviting and help your guests feel comfortable right away. You don’t want groups of people trying to cram in through the door all at once, so the entryway should provide plenty of room for everyone to step inside, take off their coats, and offer hooks or other accommodations so everyone knows just what to do without having to ask.

The Flexible Kitchen

While a closed off kitchen and a formal dining room used to be the standard, now we are seeing that entertaining is really easy with an open floor plan for your kitchen and dining room. Use your island as a buffet table and lay out all the food so your guests can make their own plates before passing into the dining space. Unless you plan on lots of formal dinners, your guests will appreciate having options such as barstools or standing room at the breakfast bar to mingle and chat.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces make entertaining super easy by keeping most of the traffic outside and allowing you to expand your space as necessary. The kids can run in the yard, and the adults can enjoy a comfy porch swing, a nice patio table with an umbrella, or even lawn chairs around a fire pit. Don’t forget to pick up a rolling cart or a small table to serve food and drinks from while you’re out there.

A Game or Movie Room

One of the most timeless home trends in entertaining is having a dedicated space for catching the big game, watching movies with friends, or even having a video game tournament. Ideally, this room will be separated from your other gathering spaces a little bit because it can get noisy. If not, make sure that you have a few cozy spaces for people to gather and talk without being interrupted by the noise.

Plenty of Lighting

Entertaining during the day is easy, but keeping your guests comfortable as the night wears on is harder. You need plenty of good lighting throughout your home to keep everyone up and moving. Mood lighting can help set the tone for each party you through. You can even make your lighting adjustable with a variety of different colors and dimmers to make each area of your house more flexible.

Today’s hottest home trends for entertaining are all about making the most of your space, big or small. The more flexible your floor plan is, the easier it will be to entertain guests and keep them coming back for future parties.